RICH-Ed Testing Phase Report




Work package 4 which aims at testing the RICH-Ed intercultural learning materials with students and teachers in higher education was completed in June 2020. The materials that were tested included five learning modules, the corresponding teacher support tools, and the foundational pedagogical framework for intercultural learning in Chinese higher education. The testing comprised two phases: in the Fall of 2019 the materials were first tested at the five Chinese partner institutions; then, they were tested in the Spring at other institutions in North-Eastern China and in the Yangtze River Delta. In order to collect rich feedback, multiple perspectives were elicited through multiple modes such as students’ and teachers’ questionnaires, interviews with teachers and selected students, and occasional video recordings of classes.


During the first testing phase, the initial version of the materials was tested with over one thousand students at the five Chinese partner universities. All the teachers participated in the testing were interviewed and completed a questionnaire. Feedback was gathered from students through 669 questionnaires and 28 interviews.


The second testing phase started from May after minor revisions of the learning materials. The participating teachers were trained on how to collect the data in a consistent manner during a webinar. Additional training on intercultural teaching guaranteed that all testing occurred under the guidance of teachers who were qualified to do so. From May to June 2020, over one thousand students tested the learning materials under the guidance of 14 teachers from 10 institutions in the two target regions. Due to the impact of the pandemic, most teachers conducted testing online. Although testing the materials online created additional difficulties for the teachers and students, feedback data could be collected from students through 1045 questionnaires and 110 interviews. In addition, all the teachers responded to the questionnaires and willingly participated in interviews, which provided abundant data for further analysis in the next phase of this work package.

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