The Third Biennial APVEA Conference and Erasmus+ Project RICH-Ed Training Workshop Held in Hangzhou



    The Third Biennial APVEA Conference and Erasmus+ project RICH-Ed training workshop, co-hosted by Asia-Pacific Virtual Exchange Association as well as Hangzhou Dianzi University, was held at the Science and Technology Hall of the university from May 17th to 19th. This three-day event, attracting more than 100 Chinese and foreign scholars from over 60 universities around the world, was organized by the School of Foreign Languages. Scholars participated in discussions  focusing on topics such as virtual communication and cross-cultural communication in the information age. 

   At the opening ceremony, Professor Eric Hagley, President of the Asia-Pacific Virtual Exchange Association, delivered an opening speech. The party and administrative leaders of the School of Foreign Languages gave a welcome speech. Virtual communication practice on the Internet, virtual communication with language learning as focus and intercultural communication in the context of informatization were the main topics of the conference. Professor Steve J. Kulich, Director of the Intercultural Center of Shanghai International Studies University, Professor Chen Jianlin of Shanghai International Studies University, Professor Jan Van Maele of Leuven University, Belgium and Professor Darla K. Deardoff of Duke University of the United States delivered keynote speeches. More than 30 scholars from Princeton University, City University of Hong Kong, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Shanghai International Studies University, Shandong University and other famous universities presented their papers on the theme of the conference. The atmosphere of the meeting was lively, and experts and scholars expressed their opinions in an inspiring way. 

      The RICH-Ed project is a multinational collaborative research project in EU’s “Erasmus+” program with eight different universities from Belgium, the UK, Italy and China. The workshop which aimed at cross-cultural communication activities in the Chinese context was led by Professor Jan Van Maele of Leuven University, Belgium, and Professor Wang Yi'an, the Chinese leader of the project. RICH-Ed aims at supporting cross-cultural learning in Chinese higher education in developing learning resources. During the training, Professor Wang Yi’an shared the research results of the RICH-Ed project and showed how to develop and utilize local cross-cultural learning resources as well as experiential learning methods and ethnographic methods.

        During the conference, the “SFLEP” Cup Intercultural Competency Competition was also held. The expert team from the Intercultural Research Center of Shanghai International Studies University gave a detailed introduction to the specific content and format of the competition.

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