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Name: SONG Li 

Affliation: Harbin Institute of Technology


Dr SONG Li is Professor of English and director of Intercultural Communication Teaching and Research Centre at the School of International 

Studies, Harbin Institute of Technology, China. She holds a Ph.D. degree in applied linguistics from Shanghai International Studies University. 

Her major research interests are intercultural dimensions of foreign language education, intercultural communication and sociolinguistics. 

She has proposed and advocated an intercultural communicative approach to English language teaching in her doctoral dissertation (2008) 

and follow-up researches and publications, with an emphasis on the intersection between language, culture and communication and 

intercultural dialogicality in foreign language learning. She has chaired and participated in research projects and publications with Chinese 

and international colleagues on teaching resources, curriculum development and classroom practice related to intercultural foreign language 

education, including Research on Chinese English Teachers Cognition and Teaching of CC(China National Social Science Fund 10BYY37). 

She was visiting scholar at University of Sydney, Australia and Chinese culture instructor in the University of Louisville, USA. She served as 

past president and is now board member of International Association of Intercultural Communication Studies, past Secretariat and now vice 

president of China Association for Intercultural Communication.

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Name: Jin Zhang 

Affliation: Harbin Institute of Technology


Dr Jin Zhang is Associate Professor at the School of International Studies at Harbin Institute of Technology, China. She got her PhD from Shanghai 

International Studies University, China. Her main interests are English literature and English language education. She has led and participated in 

some research projects, such as “The Reform of College English Teaching for the Non-English Majors at HIT”, “Integration of Academic English 

Teaching on the Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Levels in the Context of Double First Class Construction”, etc., as well as some projects 

on English literature. She has co-edited a few textbooks such as Highlights of Chinese CultureNew Horizon College English (published by Foreign 

Language Teaching and Research Press), Top Notch College English Integrated Course (published by Higher Education Press), and some others, 

among which New Horizon College English and Top Notch Integrated Course are the 11th Five-Year National Planned Textbooks in Chinese Higher 


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Name:Kedong Liu

Affliation: Harbin Institute of Technology


Kedong Liu, Ph. D. is Professor of English and Dean of the School of International Studies, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), P. R. China. 

His research focuses on North American Indian studies, Literature in English, and intercultural communication studies.  He teaches Canadian 

Literature, American Ethnic Literatures, Special Topics on Native North American Literature and collaborates with his colleagues in teaching 

Survey of British Literature, Australian Literature, and Introduction to Chinese Literature. He is author of Toward Syncretism: A Thematic 

Trajectory of Sherman Alexie’s Novels (The Guangming Daily Press, 2011). He also served as co-editor of Confluence of Cultures and 

Perspectives: Studies of 20th Century Literature in English from Cross-Cultural Perspectives (Wuhan: World Publishing Corporation, 2013), 

20th Century English Literature (HIT Press, 2005), Classical English Short Stories (HIT Press, 2005), and Introduction to Canada 

(Harbin Engineering University Press, 2004). He has published more than 60 articles.

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Name: Meng Meng

Affliation: Harbin Institute of Technology


Meng Meng, Ph.D, is Associate Professor of English and Associate Dean (International Affairs) of HIT School of International Studies. He 

acquired a BA in English and a MA in Linguistics from Harbin Institute of Technology and a PhD in English from Shanghai International 

Studies University. He also obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in English Language Teaching from the National Institute of Education of NTU, 

Singapore in 2005. His research interests include discourse analysis, functional linguistics, intercultural communication, second language 

writing, ESP and EAP. He has been granted support from the Chinese MOE’s funding for Researches in Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences 

for a study on intercultural communication. He also participated in a number of other research projects that received support from national 

and provincial funding. His publications, researches and teaching initiatives have been awarded with provincial level prizes.

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