Jilin University


Name: Xiaolei Qin

Affiliation: Jilin University


Ms. Xiaolei Qin is associate professor at the School of Foreign Language Education in Jilin University, where she researches Intercultural 

communication and applied linguistics. 

She has contributed to the development of materials, delivery of training for staff and students, and research and publications in 

several of Prof Wang Shouhong’s research projects. She obtained a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics and TESOL from Newcastle 

University, with a thesis in which she researched the integration of thinking skills with college English teaching at Chinese universities. 

She is currently a PhD candidate of International Law.  


Name: Wang Shouhong

Affiliation: Jilin University


Prof. Shouhong Wang is the vice dean of the School of Foreign Language Education at Jilin university. He obtained his Ph.D degree 

in Shanghai International Studies University and currently specializes in foreign language pedagogy in Applied Linguistics. He is the 

executive Director of Jilin University Foreign Language Teaching Research Association and  a member of China English Language 

Education Association. He is also a member of the Jury of the Foreign Languages Group of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Jilin Province


Name: Yao Chen

Affiliation: Jilin University


Ms. Chen Yao is a lecturer in Jilin University who teaches an intensive listening and speaking courses to undergraduate students. 

Her special interest is in teaching EFL in Chinese higher education which aims to promote English proficiency and  intercultural 

communication competence for Chinese students. Throughout her teaching practice, she has incorporated various new teaching 

methods and techniques to help improve students’ English capacity with flipped classrooms, blended learning, MOOC, PBL and 

with technical support such as online teaching platforms and teaching apps. As a woman with great passion and devotion to 

teaching English, she has already won several awards in national and provincial teaching competitions. She is now trying to 

integrate intercultural communicative competence into English language learning by introducing and practicing ICC in English 


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