Important Update for 2021 March Workshop and Conference Information




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Important Update for  

2021 March Workshop and Conference Information

    updated on 14 Jan 2021

We would like to inform all potential participants for this conference that the two-day event with a workshop on 20th March 2021 and an international conference day on 21st March 2021 will be run online on the same days, due to the current epidemic situation.

Please notice the following changes:

1.      The workshop and conference will be run FREE for ALL registered presenters and participants.

2.      Please send in your abstract for our review by 31st January 2021 if you would like to make a conference presentation (the Poster presentation option is no longer available). We will inform you after our review if your abstract is accepted or not in February 2021.

3.      All presenters and attendants (you do not need to present to attend the events) need to register yourself with us by 28th February 2021. After the date we are not able to take on attendants. We will send you the meeting link and password if you are accepted to attend the two day event. The registration link is

4.      Further arrangement for the free workshops will be updated later.

5.      If you have paid the conference fee and/or workshop deposit, we will refund your payment as soon as possible.

Should any changes regarding the conference arrangement occur, please kindly be subject to the latest update! 



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